Carpious Mightson is not who he appears to be, wearing the guise of a handsome leader of virtue. He seems friendly, loving, hard working, and God-fearing. Little do his neighbors, co-workers, and girlfriend know that almost two decades ago, he was serving a twenty-year sentence for murder.

When Ian Kaplan, a registered sex-offender, moves into the family-friendly community of Mechi Lane, the home owners association “volunteers” Carpious to be the one to compel Ian to put his house back on the market and leave.

While Carpious is struggling to maintain his secret, Alethea Mightson, Carpious’s addict ex-wife, resurfaces in an attempt to get money from him. In her desperation, she threatens to expose his past to everyone if he doesn’t comply.

A new murder occurs as Carpious’s composure begins to spiral out of his control, and all that he has built threatens to topple. Will the consequences of new sins expose the old ones?

Find out in the debut novel by Kenn Bivins and see why Pious has been hailed “a caress and a punch.”

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Pious by Kenn Bivins